Turnkey Hybrid Building Systems
  • Structural insulated panels (SIPs)
  • Light steel framing
  • Conventional building
  • Concrete
  • High end residential
Fast track residential construction
  • A modular building system allows for the cost-effective repetition of a design
  • Rapid build speeds significantly reduce on site costs
  • High quality finishes
  • Improved acoustics and thermal efficiencies
Multi-story residential and commercial
  • Light weight building systems allow for convenient and more cost-effective transport
  • Designs can be implemented remotely
Modular building system
  • Modular building is suitable for sites with limited access and a scarcity of available skills
  • Factors such as volume, transport, skills and materials are considered when making the decision to use this building method
Commercial and industrial buildings
  • Light gauge steel is able to span a larger distance, which is what makes our commercial and industrial offering so effective
  • We can operate in the region of 13kg/m² for roof spans up to 30m. In comparison, the equivalent in structural steel would be approximately 26kg/m²
  • Light gauge steel is particularly cost effective in the construction of complex buildings with mezzanines and offices
Mine housing
  • Clients’ requirements and conditions are top of mind when it comes to tailor making each build
  • Our design experience and knowledge of local conditions ensures a successful outcome to every project